Mind – Yesterday we talked about planning backwards and knowing your threat. But now I want to talk a little about calling the plan good enough. The axiom of planning expanding to time allotted plus some is true no matter the mission. There aren’t too many people I know that want to fail. Because we don’t want to fail sometimes we can get into planning paralysis. What do I mean? In other words trying to what if ever scenario can lead to failure because in reality you can’t plan for everything.  Everyone only has so much time to plan. Use what time you are given, develop some sort of plan and then go for it!  Make adjustments on the fly if needed. Reach out to your resources and depend on wingman to help you get it all done. Here is where LIKEAFIGHTERPILOT steps in. Use our plan as a basis, then execute!
Body – Endurance
Swim 200m
Flight Leads
Swim 500m
Swim 1000m
Weapons Instructor Course
Swim 2000m
AJAX and Mack Swimming
Recipe of the Day 
AJAX’s BELT plus
8 Slices of Super Thick Oscar Meyer Bacon
4 Eggs
4 Leaves of romaine lettuce
1 Large hot house tomato
4 Ciabatta rolls
1 Avocado
Brown the bacon in a large cast iron skillet, approximately 10 minutes over medium high heat.  Heat the Ciabatta rolls in the oven at 250 degrees while waiting for the bacon.  Slice the Avocado, Tomato, and lettuce for placement onto the rolls.  Once the bacon is almost done, fry the eggs sunny side up on medium high heat with non-stick spray.  Make sure to leave the yoke sunny to add the moisture to the sandwich.  Layer the bacon, eggs, lettuce, tomato, and avocado for one killer sandwich.
Spirit – Today is happy hour with my friends.  I look forward to this day because it is a time to connect and reflect.  Sure I could spend more time looking at emails, or pouring over scenarios of budget sequestration.  But in line with today’s message, plan ahead, finish your work, call it good, then go step on the mission with good friends.