Chrusher and Hooligan
Here are “Chrusher” and “Hooligan”  two instigators of the Rude Rams
Mind – Whenever a whole squadron goes on Temporary Duty (TDY) we would rent large 12 pack vans for transportation which means going everywhere together. I went on a particularly noteworthy TDY soon after my arrival to the 34th Fighter Squadron, “The Rude Rams”. We were returning to Nellis, where I had just finished Fighter Weapons School, for a Red Flag large force exercise.  After a quick flight down from Utah, we were going to make the standard arrival lunch push to the Memphis BBQ. Being new I didn’t really know all the squadron’s personalities or TDY games. We were loading up the vans when “Jack” and “Hooligan” yelled over and asked me to hop in with them. Both were grinning ear-to-ear and chuckling as they motioned to the open seat. I knew something didn’t seem on the up and up since about 10 of my new squadron mates were crammed in the back of the van, but then again I thought, maybe the guys are just being nice to the new guy. As soon as I hopped in and buckled my seat belt the door slammed shut and the wrestling match began. The van was rocking like it was high school prom night. For the 10 minutes it took to drive to Memphis BBQ I was introduced to Rude Ram Van Club, or more aptly named fight club. It was an absolute blast, but it left a few marks. And so today’s lesson learned, it’s probably best to go with your gut instinct.
This is “Jack” after a particularly rough outing,
gus and dozer
This is Gus and Dozer, we adopted them from “Jack” and “Hooligan”
Body – Endurance
Hike a nature trail for 30 minutes
Flight Leads/Instructors
1000m swim using 100m intervals with 1 minute rest between sets…see girls like to swim too
 Girls Like to Swim too
Weapons Instructor Course
2000m swim with no stopping
Mack and I Swimming
Mack and I swimming when he was 8
Recipe of the Day  – Go out you earned it.
Bacon Dates
6 Slices of Thick Maple Hickory Bacon
About 12-18 dates
Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Cut bacon into thirds, wrap each date with bacon and secure with toothpick.  Place on non-stick tray and bake for 10-15 minutes flipping dates to ensure bacon gets crispy chewy.
Spirit – A huge chunk of the universe is made up of things we can’t see
Different wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum such as those of radio waves, infrared, x-rays, and visible light have allowed us to peer into the cosmos and ‘see’ huge portions of it. Unfortunately, an even larger portion cannot be seen by any of these frequencies. And yet, certain phenomena such as gravitational lensing, temperature distributions, orbital velocities and rotational speeds of galaxies, and all others that are evidence of a missing mass justify their probable existence. Specifically, these observations show that dark matter exists. Another invisible entity known as dark energy, is believed to be the reason why galaxies are speeding away at an accelerated rate.
Pretty awesome!