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Mind – The Pentagon Athletic Club, or PAC, to those working inside “The Building” is the savior for operators used to getting things done. The slow grinding pace of staff work is definitely an endurance operation. Operators go through three phases while working on the staff: 1) optimism, 2) disbelief, and 3) pragmatism. Upon arrival on station you want to fix the things “The Staff” continually screws up. After about six months, just about when you start to figure things out, it is hard to believe getting something done is actually that difficult and takes that long. Finally, you accept the Building’s bureaucracy and consider yourself lucky if you can move the ball down the field on 3-4 major projects.
One might make a pretty good argument for that approach in our own lives. How often do we set the new years resolution to lose weight, eat better, work out more, drink less, read more books, make new friends, and become absolutely superhuman? I think a better approach might be start with one thing and turn it into a habit, like hitting the gym for three days a week minimum for a year, then move on to other stuff. Just a thought.
Check Six
Body – Power Day
Learn how to perform a kettle-bell snatch. Demo of Kettle Bell Snatch, click here.
Flight Leads/Instructors
AMRAP in 15 minutes of
10x 95lb Thrusters, scale as required
10x 25lb Ball Slams, scale as required
10x 24 inch box jumps
Weapons Instructor Course
Till U Collapse – Courtesy of the Horsemen
1. 50x Power Cleans @ 95lbs
2. 50x Situps
3. 25x Pullups
4. 50x Kettlebell swings @53lbs
5. 25x Pushups
6. 50x Ball Slams @25lbs
7. 25 Calories on the Airdyne
8. 50x Bench Press @95lbs
9. 50x Box Jumps
10. 25x Back Extensions
11. 50x Wall Balls
12. 25x GHD Situps
13. 250m row
Night Out on the Town!
Spirit – The Love of God – Attributes of God by A.W. Pink
“God’s love is no mere amiable weakness, or effeminate softness. Scripture declares, ‘whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom He receiveth’ (Heb. 12:6). God will not wink at sin, even in His own people. His love is pure, unmixed with any maudlin sentimentality.”
I think about this often when I screw something up. Just as we correct our children because we love them, God also corrects us.
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