This particular portion of the site is dedicated to answering those burning questions.  Post it below and I will do my best to provide you the answer. No holds barred.

3 thoughts on “ASK”

  1. Ajax senior how the hell r u, sitting with Ajax junior discussing crossfit, paleo, primal eating out at Sheppard. Great site!! Fanman

  2. Heather emailed in two questions.
    1) Could the AF not afford astronaut diapers and would that not be preferrable to other options…?
    2) What is your opinion on Crud versus Carrier Landings, and what are proper techniques?

    First, thank you for the questions.

    1) The AF cannot afford diapers, haven’t you seen the sequestration news lately? Secondly, fighter pilots don’t wear diapers period…maybe the Navy does, but not the AF. This goes for our badass lady fighter pilots too and reminds me of sage advice given to me By Col Marosko when I was a cadet. Take care of business before you get in the jet.

    2) Crud is clearly superior to playing Carrier Landing. The AF considers landing an administrative task and applies simple arithmatic to the problem, landings = takeoffs. AF fighter pilots prefer more complex tasks such as actually fighting off hoards of enemy aircraft and blowing up lucrative targets, or in the case of games, crud.

    Check Six

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