LIKEAFIGHTERPILOT workouts are usually going to be setup in four categories: Wingman, Flight Leads, Instructors, and Weapons Instructor Course (WIC) Graduates.  The categories go from least experienced to most, and least difficult to most.  The categories are named as such because even though it takes a couple of years to be a fully combat certified wingman, wingman don’t have the skill or proficiency to lead large formations in combat. Through training and experience they eventually become instructors. Working out is the same way, if you attempt too much too early…somebody is going to get hurt. 

The workouts during the week will usually fall into one of these categories: strength, power, endurance, mission specific training tasks, active recovery, pure fun, and finally rest. Rest is important and cannot be overlooked. Use what works, get rid of what doesn’t. Being able to audible or change things on the fly is one thing fighter pilots are pretty good at.  Adaptability is a skill you should apply to fitness as well.  If you don’t like one of the routines posted or don’t have the equipment, change it to what you like. Be creative, be adaptable.


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